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The recruitment industry in the UK is valued at approx £26 Billion. Whilst the market is very competitive both at High Street level and for recruitment franchises, we at Morgan Harvey believe that we have one of the best packages available to individuals, partners and teams. We have looked at all of our competitors and have used our vast business and recruitment experience to come up with a tried and tested method of recruitment that covers all aspects of set ups. From the Kitchen table to the city, we have covered it all. The following information Is an outline of all of the information that you will require to make the decision to take your enquiry further.
We are able to offer each franchisee the dedicated resource of a Morgan Harvey person to ensure that all aspects of your business are covered. In addition, you will have direct access to the Group MD who will be on hand to assist you with your business. NO OTHER recruitment franchise offering has this personal support. That’s what makes our package unique.

With a Morgan Harvey Group Franchise, you can supply both Permanent and Temporary staff to companies with a protected Territory. Each franchise will have access to the latest technology for recruiting candidates and advertising jobs to recruitment and sales databases.

Each of our areas are decided by counties. We felt that this was the easiest way to decipher where a client belongs. You will then have the full ownership of every client that has your county in its address. When we receive enquiries from clients for assistance with recruitment from your county, you will be notified immediately and we will pass on the lead.

Each franchise that is purchased covers a complete county and you will own that area. In addition you may wish to contact your neighbouring counties whether that is the main group or another franchisee and work with them on some of your vacancies on a 50/50 split basis. All of this can give extra opportunity and will be explained in more details should you wish to progress with a franchise.

Our training programme is designed to teach every franchisee or member of staff the complete Morgan Harvey recruitment process. This will encompass everything from running a business from home, to running a major city branch. You will be taught how to build a successful business that works for you. We will train you on how to win and retain clients, how to advertise and place people with your clients as well as all of the back office procedures that Morgan Harvey Group will look after for you.
We have proven success with taking both seasoned business professionals and virgin business people through the same process, so you can be guaranteed that you will finish our training with full knowledge of how to run a recruitment business. The rest is up to you.

Our territory prices range from £10,000 - £ 15,000 + VAT for a 5 year licence. This will include the following:
  • Existing Client base - Dependant on area
  • Rights to an exclusive area
  • Access to Morgan Harvey Group Job Board
  • Access and logins to Group Advertising boards
  • Telephone answering at our head office with dedicated call transfers to you wherever you are
  • Full voicemail facilities for when you are not available
  • Operations Manual
  • Set up of a new Limited company including all paperwork and name choice
  • Registration of your new company for VAT
  • Database of 2000 businesses in your county
  • 5 day induction course at our training branch
  • 1 day on site meeting at your location with Morgan Harvey Group Managing Director
  • On going training and support workshops and information
    Company Branding
  • Use of Company Marketing literature
    email addresses
  • Business cards
  • Templates for back office support
  • Finance support – Full credit control back up
  • Full Invoicing support
  • Dedicated support line for your ongoing questions
  • Negotiated discounts on all major Job boards
  • Negotiated discounts with accountants that manage many of the existing franchisees.

Monthly Management fee:
Each month we will charge a management fee which is 10% of your monthly turnover. This fee will cover the following:

  • Head Office Admin and Support
  • IT Support
  • Holiday Cover for Licensees
  • Full telephone support
  • Quarterly day visit from Group MD to your premises
  • Full Credit control and invoicing



  Gross Income Approx Costs Your Income
Year 1 £65,000 £15,000 £50,000
Year 2 £108,500 £22,000 £86,500
Year 3 £126,500 £26,500 £100,000

Full breakdown on these figures can be found in additional info. These figures are based on existing franchisees.


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